Harry Who?

Harry Styles  Photo (c) Getty Images

Harry Styles
Photo (c) Getty Images

Not sure if you noticed, but the fact that Harry Styles knits when stressed became newsworthy over the past two weeks.

I do have to admit, when this came through my Google alerts I did have to find out who he was. I learned he was a member of the boy band One Direction. If you are a teenage girl or parent of one, then I’m sure you know of whom I speak.

According to the nearly 100 news articles, he’s been knitting quite a bit lately as “it’s the only way he can unwind after hours of listening to fans screaming for 1D. The other lads tease him for it, but he doesn’t care.”

At a recent concert in Manchester (UK) a fan threw a skein of yarn at him. I remember a time when bands were pelted with room keys and panties, not skeins! Oh, how the times have changed.

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