Harvard Agrees…Knitting is Good for Your Health

©Knitting Fever

©Knitting Fever

The health care community has finally found out what we already knew: Knitting is cheaper than therapy. Of course, that depends on the size of your stash.

The repetitive motions used in knitting and crocheting have been proven to increase patience, improve motor skills, and relax the body and mind. People on anti-depressants have actually been able to reduce their intake once they started knitting.

Watch this video developed by the Craft Yarn Council.

According to an article on treehugger, here are some benefits of knitting and crocheting:

  1. Knitting is used for therapy.
  2. Knitting is supremely relaxing, which is extremely important for reducing stress and anxiety.
  3. Knitting connects people.
  4. Knitting improves concentration and can provide an outlet for excessive energy.
  5. Knitting can reduce the risk of dementia.
  6. Knitting offers a break from busy schedules and a refreshing detox from a technology-saturated world.
  7. Knitting makes people happy, from the people who knit to those who receive knitted items, and those who see knitting in their surroundings.

The Craft Yarn Council recently published this great article.

Take a few minutes to look at the video and read these articles.

The next time someone asks you why you knit/crochet, just tell them that your doctor made you do it.

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