All the Cool Kids Do It

Can you identify all these famous and cool fellow knitters? As one well-known knitter shows us, knitting can be downright sexy!

sophia loren

Sophia Loren


Tim Daly


Bette Davis and her stand-in

ryan gosling

In a GQ Australia interview, Ryan Gosling revealed that he is a knitter. Would love to have him be a part of my knitting circle!

rita hayworth

Rita Hayworth


Mama Cass Elliot


Here’s Martha Washington using her double points.

linda ronstadt

Linda Ronstadt back stage on tour in the 1970s. Photo by Annie Leibowitz for Rolling Stone magazine.


Kristin Davis

Knitting Star 6

Katherine Heigl

Knitting Star 4

Ashley Olsen


Julia Roberts


Katherine Hepburn

judy garland

Judy Garland (with Mickey Rooney) knitting while doing a radio broadcast.


Mommy Dearest — Joan Crawford


Vickie Howell teaches Isaac Mizrahi how to knit.

grace kelly

Grace Kelly on set in Africa with Clark Gable


Gina Lollobrigida passing time during a movie shoot.

george lucas

George Lucas knitting in a California Starbucks.

e taylor

Elizabeth Taylor

e roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt

doris day

Doris Day


David Arquette


Sarah Jessica Parker makes knitting sexy.


Christina Hendricks carrying her latest WIP.


Ingrid Bergman


Audrey Hepburn knitting between takes.


Mouseketeer Annette Funicello

a seigfried

Amanda Seyfried

How can anyone say that this is a hobby for old ladies? Be proud to be a knitter. You are in great company.

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2 Responses to All the Cool Kids Do It

  1. Kasey says:

    Some of the pictures have the incorrect names. that’s not Kristin Stewart, though there are pictures on Google of her with knitting needles on her person. Also, that’s not Jennifer Aniston, its Sarah Jessica Parker. 🙂 Love this post though! 🙂


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