Knitting There and Back Again

I spent New Year’s Day in a Hobbit-fest. While knitting a pair of socks for myself (!), I marathoned the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the first installment in the new Hobbit series of films in preparation for the latest installment in the franchise. You all did get the reference in this post title, right?

This morning I did a Hobbit search online and came across the story of a Welsh woman, Denise Salway, who knitted characters from “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”. She was prompted into picking up an old hobby by her daughter who asked for a knitted Thorin figure.

Source: Wales Online

Source: Wales Online

I even found pictures of some of the actors with their knitted counterparts.

Source: Wales Online

Source: Wales Online

To view the full array of her Hobbity goodness, go here and here.

I am very impressed by knitters who can see an image and whip up three-dimensional replicas. They are truly gifted craftspeople. Ms. Salway’s work reminded me of Fiona Goble’s popular “Knit Your Own Royal Wedding” that came out in 2011 when Prince William and Kate Middleton married. An interview with Fiona can be found here.


Fiona has since come out with a new “royal” pattern featuring Prince George and his parents. It’s available for free on Ravelry.

© Fiona Goble

© Fiona Goble

Over the past few years there’s been a mystery yarn bomber (or bombers) in the town of Saltburn By the Sea in Yorkshire, England also featuring knitted characters, real and fictional.

The Saltburn Pier has been embellished with 50′ long railing “scarves” featuring a commemoration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (which, in all fairness, looks like a combination of knit and crocheted items).

theshipOn a personal note: In the following videos, as they pan the knitted work, in the distance close to the cliffs you can see a 2 story building. It is The Ship Inn Pub —  parts of which were built in the 1400’s and 1600’s. In the 1770’s it was owned by a smuggler. I mention all this because in the summer of 1974 I spent a summer living and working in that pub.

Now back to our regularly, scheduled blog post: Here is the fibery Queen’s Jubilee:

and the Olympic Games all done in 2012.

In May of 2013, these prolific knitters were at it again (I just have to believe that it is a group of knitters and not an individual). Under cover of darkness they installed a marvelous depiction of a seaside paradise complete with sunbathers and sea creatures.

Back in 2007, Carol Meldrum, a designer who can be found on Ravelry, released a book entitled “Knitted Icons” allowing us to knit our very own version of Madonna,

© cransom12

© cransom12

The Beatles,

© cransom12

© cransom12

and the Breakfast at Tiffany’s version of Audrey Hepburn.

© cransom12

© cransom12

Of course, close to home, we have Sue’s recent knitted depiction of Baltimore’s 12 Days of Christmas featuring dancers, football players, mice and even a flamingo.

Lovelyarns' People's and Children's Choice Winner -- 2013 Window Wonderland

Lovelyarns’ People’s and Children’s Choice Winner — 2013 Window Wonderland

While I find all of these knitted characters fascinatingly adorable and can revel in the work of very talented knitters, I can’t imagine doing it myself. Perhaps I’m not an artist, just your average knitter looking to produce an article of clothing for the people I love. But, I have to admit, there are times I’d love to be an artist!

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