Happy New Year

The New Year is now upon us and, while I don’t really make annual resolutions or goals, I thought I’d try writing some down for a change.

This past year I made a resolution to not add to my stash. Well, best of intentions and all that, but I cannot lie. I did succumb to the yarny goodness available at this year’s Annual PLY Party. In the interest of full disclosure, I also purchased more sock yarn at Lovelyarns…that Berroco sock yarn and Cephalopod Traveller just called out to me! Despite these small lapses, nearly everything I knit for Christmas presents was from the stash.

Here are my 2014 Knitting Goals:

  • Goal #1 — Make socks for ME! I make about 12-15 pairs each year and only own 3 pairs myself, time to change that.
  • Goal #2 — Expand my knitting classes. In addition to Basic Socks, I’m going to teach a Monkey Sock class in March and am thinking about teaching Arm Knitting…anyone interested?
  • Goal #3 — Learn how to read charts. Why do I find this so difficult? I’ve read some articles, but still it seems like Greek to me. Anyone out there who can teach me this skill?
  • Goal #4 — Knit down stash. Currently stash resides in 4 big plastic bins. I’d like to try to get that down to 3.
  • Goal #5 — Knit a sweater. By the end of the summer I’d like to have started on a sweater for myself. I am still working on a sweater for my sister…my first adult-sized sweater. I’d like to attempt one for myself.

That looks like a do-able list. Do you have any knitting goals/resolutions for 2014? What does the new year look like to you? Maybe you are over the whole resolutions things or maybe you’re like me, and have a plan of attack?

On this New Year’s Eve I wish you happiness in abundance, the joy of making at least one person happy each day, no moths in your stash, and the comfort and peace found in family and friends.

Happy New Year everyone.

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