Good Tidings to All

It is two days before Christmas and the perfect opportunity to give you all a wrap-up of our Annual 500 Hats program.

2013 hats 1

Some of the lovely young students at Armistead Gardens just after choosing their hats. — December 18, 2013

For the past 7 years Lovelyarns has collected hand knitted or crocheted hats for an area elementary school. Here’s how it works: throughout the year we collect handmade hats sized for elementary school children. Using either your own stash of machine washable yarn or yarn from our charity stash, knitters and crocheters can make as many hats as they want. Free patterns can be downloaded from our website or you can use any pattern you like, as long as it is sized for children ages 6-12. We collect and sort the hats by size and bring them to the designated school around Thanksgiving.

They sure look happy with their new, warm hats!

They sure look happy with their new, warm hats!

The 500 Hats Program has been sustained over these years by the wonderful knitters/crocheters who contribute the many hats, but also those who provide us with machine washable yarn throughout the year specifically for our charity stash. Contributors are not just located in the Baltimore area. Hats come to us from around the country including the more than 20 hats we received from one of our most intrepid knitters who lives in New York.


Photo Source: and Theo Egberts

Many of our contributors find that working on these hats gives them the opportunity to try out new stitch and pattern techniques such as Mosaic, Entrelac, Cables, or the ever-sublime Dead Fish Hat.

This year we collected 624 hats and, for the second year in a row, they were given to the Armistead Gardens Elementary School.

Spearheaded by Ms. Donna Rice, school guidance counselor, on Wednesday, December 18th, the schoolchildren enjoyed a holiday program that included a visit with Santa, the singing of songs and carols, and culminating with the opportunity to “shop” for a hat.

So many to choose from!

So many to choose from!

Word has spread about this program and each year we receive requests to bring it to other schools. At this time we don’t know which school will be the 2014 recipient of 500 Hats. We do know that there will be very happy knitters and crocheters who get just as much out of this program as the school kids.

Head Lovely, Sue Caldwell, attends each year’s school event. “As always,” she said, “This is a pretty awesome thing not only to do, but to witness. One of the main reasons I enjoy owning a local shop,” Sue explained, “Is the chance to give back to the community.”

Some of the many ways Lovelyarns spreads cheer throughout the community are through its involvement in Artscape,  sponsorship of ACCE High School’s “Greening Project”,  the Annual Yarn Bombing Contest, the Mother Bear Project, and the Annual Harbor East Window Wonderland. There’s a good possibility I may have forgotten something.

Lovelyarns’ commitment to giving back is supported by a great team – Lovelyarns customers and staff. Without your contributions of time, skill, enthusiasm, and effort, none of these projects would be anywhere near so successful.

In the spirit of the season, thank you to everyone who supports these efforts and who have helped to make Lovelyarns a thriving member of the community through your patronage.

Season’s Greetings and may everyone enjoy a very Happy, Safe New Year.

Lovelyarns' People's and Children's Choice Winner -- 2013 Window Wonderland

Lovelyarns’ People’s and Children’s Choice Winner — 2013 Window Wonderland

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