Big Needles, Big Yarn: Procrastinators Rejoice!

magnumSo, each November we get in a big box of jumbo-sized yarn, and this year’s load just got here. Cascade Magnum is about as big around as a pencil. It is our most popular yarn for those who really want to give a hand-made gift for Christmas, but have no time or patience for a project that takes hours and hours of work.

What’s a crafter with not much time to do? Way back in 2007 , a knitter named Julia came in for “the quickest thing I can knit” and we came up with this easy pattern for “Julia’s Cabled Scarf.” I wrote the pattern for 12 stitches on a #35 needle, and she sat and knit most of the thing right there in the shop. Ta-da!Julia Magnum

This year, our El Magnum hatLearn-to-Knit teacher Mary came up with this adorable hat pattern, which is done with only 50 stitches on a nice big 16″ circular needle.

Don’t own a big fat knitting needle or hook? Not a problem. Our own Chris of Three Ravens fiber Studio has these giant tools for sale upstairs!

ImageAnd who says hand-knits can’t be fashion-forward? Check out this fashion show from London Fashion Week, entitled “Please Kill Me.”Just look how happy he looks, walking his super-jumbo-sized knitwear down the runway!


OK, so maybe extra jumbo pink accessories are NOT what you want your boyfriend to wear. But you gotta love those mittens.


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