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33 Days Til Christmas…

YIKES! Really? 33? Please say it isn’t so. I started this year with the best intentions to get all my Christmas knits done early. I even started my first pair of gift socks in January. I have 6 pairs done … Continue reading

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Down and Dirty Knitting Plus the Loom of Doom

Jimmy Kimmel mentioned Norway TV’s 12.5 hour TV show “National Knitting Evening” that documented sheep to sweater knitting. 1.3 million people — 1/4 of the total population of Norway (which was 5.019 million in 2012 in case you were wondering) — … Continue reading

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Big Needles, Big Yarn: Procrastinators Rejoice!

So, each November we get in a big box of jumbo-sized yarn, and this year’s load just got here. Cascade Magnum is about as big around as a pencil. It is our most popular yarn for those who really want to give a hand-made … Continue reading

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Make a Bear. Make a Difference.

Shortly after opening Lovelyarns, one of Sue’s customers recommended the book Knitting for Peace. Sue got a copy and learned about The Mother Bear Project which had been profiled in the book . The Mother Bear Project, based in Minneapolis, MN, … Continue reading

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