Retired Working Girls Need Sweaters, Too

chickens2Get your mind out of the gutter…not those working girls! I’m talking about hens. Chickens. Yes, chickens.

When hens on commercial chicken farms are considered to be past their prime, they are usually sold for slaughter. Rescue groups have popped up in England and in New Zealand who find homes for the chickens.

By the time the hens are rescued they are not always in the best condition. Chicken farming leaves the birds “bald, stressed, and sick.” To help them during their recovery, these rescue groups have developed sweater patterns to keep them warm. You can even find one posted on Ravelry.

Knitters have, as they usually do, answered the call and have produced and donated hundreds of sweaters for rescued hens.

Knitters worldwide are known for their generous spirit in contributing their craft to worthy causes. Here at Lovelyarns we also do our part locally and abroad. For the past 6 years, the Lovelyarns community has donated hand-knitted/crocheted hats for distribution to students  at Armistead Gardens Elementary-Middle schools here in Hampden.  And, we also collect bears for the Mother Bear Project.

Knitting for charity is always a feel good endeavor. If you haven’t done it already, give it a try. By the way, we currently have about 400 hats for our 2013 500 Hat Project so we still need more to meet our goal. Go through your stash, or pick up some yarn at Lovelyarns, pick a pattern for a elementary through middle school aged child and bring your hat(s) to the shop. Go here for free patterns.

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