Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival

What an adventure that was!  We had such a good time this weekend at the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Fest, I’d almost say we didn’t want to come home, except that we totally did.  It was a blast.  The weather was perfect, the knitters were out in full force, and we even spotted a few familiar faces!

With Sue, Elinor, Bob, and Kathy of Milkweed and Cattails (upstairs spinner #1), we set up the stall in about 3 hours on Friday afternoon.  Looks just like the store, huh?  Snallygaster, front and center!

IMG_1611Chris from ThreeRavens Fiber Studio (upstairs spinner #2) came along and attracted attention all weekend with her drop spindle skills.

IMG_1612This alpaca loves America.

We had a special visit from Gus the goat.

Watch out, the llamas spit.

Thanks to everyone who helped make it such a fun weekend!  We picked up some yarn from a brand new local dyer, sock yarn and bulky from The Unplanned Peacock in Ferrum, VA.  It’s beautiful.  We also have LOTS of gorgeous Cephalopod Traveller again, and a whole load of bulky cottons that we’ve been hiding.  It’s going back on the shelves this week, so if you couldn’t make it to the festival, you haven’t missed it!  Finally, as the weather gets cooler, our bulky wools (Cascade Eco, Eco+, and Magnum!) are back in stock; stop by and start your holiday knitting now.  December is too late for that, and you know it.

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