What’s OFF the Needles: Passi Shawl


Full shawl, before the cat came and sat on it.

We’re headed this weekend to the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival, and it was my job this week to get this shawl started and finished!  We have a dozen or so kits that will be for sale at the festival (and at the shop after, if they don’t all disappear!), and by God they needed a sample.  So here it is, in all its tri-color, alpaca-blend glory, the Passi Shawl.


Ombre for the ages.

The shawl is constructed by Elizabeth Zimmerman’s “Pi Shawl” method, which boils down to: every time you double the diameter, you double the circumference.  This means that each lace panel is static in size, and the increases are done between panels, as a [yo, k1] row all the way across.  In this kit, this happened every time I changed colors.  Very tidy, in my mind.


I used approximately one thousand push pins to block it and keep all the tiny crochet chain loops nice and loopy.

The yarn comes in 6 skeins of Alpaca Yarn Company Paca Peds, which is a 65% Wool, 20% Alpaca, 15% Nylon blend.  It’s super soft but delightfully strong, and doesn’t have the usual alpaca fuzz halo.  Sometimes that halo is nice, but in a shawl like this I’m glad I don’t have to worry about pilling.


Close up on the second lace panel.

The lace itself is both easy and challenging: not too many stitches in every repeat, but I had to check the chart every so often to make sure I knew what the plan was.  I could watch TV on the purl rows and listen to it on the knit rows.


Glamour shot of the first lace panel.

Passi Shawl.  Come visit it in Berryville, VA, this weekend!

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