What’s On the Needles: 500 Hats

I’m not making 500 hats, we are!

I thought I was good at pompoms.

I thought I was good at pompoms. I suck.

Every year since 2009, Lovelyarns has collected 500+ hats for donation to a local elementary/middle school.  Last year we visited Armistead Gardens Elementary, and we’ll probably be going back there again this year (tentative!).

To get involved in this awesome project, you can knit any kind of hat from any yarn you like, just as long as it’ll fit a kid.  Kids can have big heads.  So really any hat you knit is acceptable.  We have donated yarn available for knitting, or you can use up those stash leftovers.

Drop the hats off at the store during our business hours, or send them in the mail!  We’ll be accepting donations up until around Thanksgiving (more specific date forthcoming), so you have plenty of time to whip up a beanie or two.

Visit the 500 Hats page on our website for pictures of cute kids in great hats, and to download a hat recipe that makes 4 kinds of hats.  The recipe is also available at the store.

We already have over 200 hats!  Help us meet our goal.  You rock.

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One Response to What’s On the Needles: 500 Hats

  1. lovelyarnsue says:

    Update: We are definitely giving hats out at Armistead Gardens again this year, in December. So keep those hats coming, and thanks so much!


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