Why I Knit Socks

On the face of it, it seems ridiculous to knit socks.

  • It takes a long time (anywhere from 10-40 hours).
  • The yarn for one pair of socks costs way more than a single package of 6 socks from Walmart.
  • You use thin yarn on either 4-5 thin, fiddly needles, or 1 really long circular or 2 circulars…it seems daunting and confusing.

All I can say is that I’ve been hooked ever since making my very first pair.



About 6 years ago I took a class at Lovelyarns. We made a child-sized sock. I had holes in my gusset and I must have lost focus because my Kitchener was wonkey, but I love that wee sock. I quickly purchased more of the same yarn, which was Cascade Fixation (1 skein per sock), and grabbed those size 3 needles and cast on for a me-sized sock. Again, the gussets had a few holes, but I was determined.

I found that there were tons of resources online to help me over any hurdle I encountered. And, I went to a few of Lovelyarns’ Stitch-n-Bitches. It was there that a wise knitter passed on her secret to eliminating the holes along the first gusset round – knit the picked up stitches through the back loop. WOW! That simple bit of advice changed my world.

There is nothing like a hand-knit pair of socks. The yarn choices are seemingly endless. Lovelyarns has an entire wall and more devoted to sock weight yarn (most are locally dyed). You can make a perfectly delightful “vanilla” sock by just knitting every round or stretch your skills with patterns that call for cables and lace. The possibilities are limitless.  I love the myriad of construction techniques that go into a simple sock from toes, heel shaping, casting on, binding off, and grafting.


Anna (l) and Michelle (r) show off their first sock after completing Lovelyarns’ Sock Class

And let’s not forget portability. There is always a sock under construction in my handbag. I recently sat at the MVA for 1.5 hours to get a new license…I knit on my sock. I was waiting on line to get into the Marine Corps Barracks for their free Friday night summer concert…I knit on my sock. I got to the movie theater early to see “The Butler”, yup, sock knitting time.

There’s nothing that beats that sense of satisfaction when you’ve completed a sock…except, of course, casting on the next one!

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2 Responses to Why I Knit Socks

  1. Lenna kennedy says:

    I too knit socks, for many of the same reasons. Thanks for the gusset tip


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