What’s On The Needles: Addition & Attraction

Here at Lovely, we are all about blending yarns.  Our potato chip scarf (pattern available in the shop) is made with two yarns, one plain worsted and one sparkle fabulous, and we have plenty of patterns that involve the combination of two or more yarns.  This latest shop sample is no exception:

Addition & Attraction in Crystal Palace Kid Mohair and LANG Sansibar.

Addition & Attraction in Crystal Palace Kid Mohair and Land Yarns Sansibar.

Sue spotted the inspiration for this at TNNA: a color-changing, slightly-textured yarn paired with a complimentary mohair.  The purple of the mohair really dominates this picture, but in person the scarf-let is really more varigated.  It’s amazing how it changes in its different forms!  As you can see, the ball looks very purple-y as well.

I’m working 6 rows of garter stitch and 9 rows of fishnet lace ([Yo, k2tog] repeated across the row, every row: reversible!), and I have no idea how much scarf this single (doubled) ball will get me.  I’m on US 10s, though, so it might be pretty far.  A few buttons on the end and this would make a gorgeous cowl.

I’m also working on mismatched straight needles, which, if you’ve ever met me, you’ll know is a tremendous hardship.  But there were no size 10 circs lying around at the shop, so I’m sucking it up for the good of the sample.  🙂  Life is so difficult.

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