Hampden isn’t only Hons, hon.

This year Lovelyarns sponsored the “Greening Project” at  ACCE High School  where 13 high-school boys and girls volunteer during the school year to plant and maintain a vegetable and herb garden on

Our first load from the ACCE garden!

Our first load from the ACCE garden!

the school grounds. ( Right around the corner from the shop!) They get paid for maintaining the garden in the summer by YouthWorks, and Lovely gets to reap the results!

William Moeller, whose mom Helen is of one of our Lovely Knitters, is working with the kids on this project. He told me the story of  how he is trying to promote eating healthy along with the garden project. He gave the kids a challenge: research a recipe online and go to the Giant (on his dime) and buy only vegetables that can be made into something that needs no cooking.


Students found our logo online and made a custom sign for our plot! Photo was taken in the spring

These kids, who come from all over Baltimore City and think that pizza at the 7-11 qualifies as breakfast, have different options for meals than a lot of other teenagers. The food deserts in Baltimore City mean that the kids don’t even get a chance to shop for fresh produce at the Giant regularly. Some had not ever been in a “real” grocery store before.

So they “cooked up” some fresh salsa and guacamole. (and chips, of course.) William said that after they assembled the guacamole, most of them took a look at it and didn’t want to taste it. But after some encouragement, they did, and polished it all off!

Great life lessons being learned here.

For those of you who happen to come visit the shop on a Monday or Thursday (9:00 to 2:00 PM) during July and August, you can help sponsor next year’s garden (and pick up some really fresh produce) by just walking down 36th street by Roosevelt Park and buying some tomatoes, squash, peppers, herbs, cucumbers and more! ( Their street address is 1300 36th Street  21211.)

William also told me Suzie’s Soba purchased a bunch of zucchini, and that some of the other restaurants are interested in their herb garden. What a wonderful way for these kids to give back to the community!


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2 Responses to Hampden isn’t only Hons, hon.

  1. bethanyinthetaiga says:

    Thanks for sharing (I’m behind on reading the blog). Mia-dog and I will have to go on our walk earlier tomorrow and pick some stuff up!


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