Roadkill and Shmiscuits on the road to TNNA

So Hallie and I are on our seventh (and, sadly, final) road trip to TNNA, the IMG_20130621_202900wholesale yarn show in Columbus, Ohio. The first time we went, she was only 16 and after seeing one of these signs thought she would invent a new car-game called “count the roadkill.” Today’s count got up over 50, but as I was distractedly knitting, she blurted out, “Sweet Jesus, it’s eating its brethren!” Apparently, one of the roadkills she was counting was a live woodchuck eating the remains of one of his fallen comrades.

So then it was time for some refreshments.. A stop at the SHEETZ outside of Cumberland, MD found us ordering breakfast off the touch-screen menu whose options included shmuffins, shmiscuits and lots more shtuff. The shmiscuit breakfast sandwich was delicious.

And then we get to the Columbus Convention Center after a quick stop in our hotel room (which has sighing doors! They close with an “aaaaah” just like in Hitchhiker’s  Guide!)  Our next adventure was an event called “Sample It!”, where dozens of vendors sell small kits of their stuff for us to play with back in the hotel. It’s a nice way for shopowners to test out new lines before they commit to a big wholesale purchase.

It was CROWDED.  So we shopped, then back to the hotel for free drinks.                         We needed them.

Tomorrow: our version of “What NOT to knit” from the Knitwear Fashion show.


TNNA pre-show event Sample It!


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3 Responses to Roadkill and Shmiscuits on the road to TNNA

  1. Erin says:

    why no more tnna?!


  2. JL Clark says:

    What a great email-so much info about Ravelry, Thank you, Thankyou


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