What’s On The Needles: Ocean Edition

I’m in vacation this week at my family’s house in Rehoboth Beach, DE, and my oceanside project is very appropriate. I am on a big shawl kick right now (a big kick, not for big shawls, although this is one) and I love lace, but this bad boy has been languishing on the needles since March.


Oceanspray by Galia Lael is a top down triangular shawl with a simple, almost-random eyelet pattern on the body and a knitted-on seaweed-esque border.  The border is what has had me stumped.  It’s a ten row chart with a variable stitch count, and I cannot memorize it.  A mere glance doesn’t guide me.  I have to study each row as I knit it, right side and wrong side, and look back and forth between the chart and the needles as I go.

IMG_1255I find it incredibly tedious.  I can’t work on it while I’m watching TV, I can’t work on it while I’m reading; I can only work on it when I’m sitting listening to music or an audio book, but I don’t always feel like I have the leisure time for that (don’t ask me about my TV habits).  However!  At the beach, I can sit for hours listening to the ocean and studying my charts.  The audiobook is the perfect accompaniment to lounging in the sun, and when I get too sweaty to knit (truth), I can take a quick dip in the ocean to cool off.  Basically, it’s the perfect combination.  I don’t know if I’m going to finish it by Friday (yeah right), but it feels good to make some progress.

IMG_1261I’m keeping my yarn from getting sandy with this plastic “paint” can I got from Michaels a while back.  I like being able to see my projects and my yarn so I don’t forget what I’ve got in the works.  The yarn I’m using is a hand-dyed lace from ebay or something, a million years ago (sorry, I know), and I need to be as efficient as possible with it because I’m not getting any more.  The dyer faked her death online and is no longer producing yarn (I’m not kidding).

What are you working on this week?  Any breakthroughs or major progress?

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5 Responses to What’s On The Needles: Ocean Edition

  1. mJ says:

    whoa she faked her death? why didnt she just merely say sorry im not dying anything else… thats rather extreme.


  2. Emilie DeMillo says:

    Sounds bizarre. I’m doing some tv knitting – cowls for Christmas gifts (not sure what little organizational fairy got in to me) out of the blooming handprints I bought at Lovely!


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