Summer Knit-Along – Clapotis

I started winding my yarn for the summer knit-along we’re doing here.  The April/May KAL went along so well (well, relatively, for a strangely-written pattern that we didn’t test-knit) that we figured a second one was worth the fuss.  😀  Plus, we got in a whole pile of amazing silks and bamboos which are perfect for summer scarves!

So we’re very happy to announce our second KAL of the year will be Clapotis by Kate Gilbert!  The free pattern is available on, and you can see lots of versions of this scarf on the Ravelry page.  It’s a parallelogram of a scarf, knit on the bias, with intentionally and deeply satisfying dropped stitches.  Additionally, it’s 50x easier than Ishbel.

Mulberry Silk with Beads

I’m going to do mine in two skeins of SweaterKits Silk Jewel, which is a beaded 100% silk marvel.  Shockingly, I’m doing it in blue/turquoise.  Each skein retails at $39, but holy crap is it worth it.  Plus, if you join us for the Knit Along, you can get 10% off the yarn!  That goes for any yarn we carry, so long as you mention you’re going to knit Clapotis with it.  The Lotus Bamboo Soft would also be amazing, as would the unbeaded SweaterKits Silky Mulberry in a solid or a variegated.  Or, plan ahead for winter and pick a great sock yarn or a color-changing worsted (but honestly, it’s going to be July when you’re working on it, so choose carefully).

The knitting along will be happening on Friday evenings from 5-7pm (later than our last KAL), starting June 29th through the end of July.  All are welcome!  Even if you’re not knitting a Clapotis, come hang out.

I also learned (thanks Wikipedia) that clapotis is French for “lapping of water,” and is a name in hydrodynamics for a non-breaking standing wave pattern that can result from the reflection of a traveling surface wave off a near-vertical shoreline.  I’m not entirely sure how this represents the lines of dropped stitches in the knit garment, but I love it when designers name their patterns after SCIENCE.

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