Artscape 2013

Celebrating its 32nd year, and known as the largest free arts festival in the U.S., Baltimore’s Artscape takes place from July 19-21. Based on our success in yarn bombing  port-a-potties at last year’s event  (check out the video of our installation by clicking here), we’ve been asked to participate once again.  This year we are creating two different yarn bombings:

The first is a 190’ festoon of hand-crafted pennants in bright primary colors. Each pennant is hand-knit and embellished with streamers of colorful yarn, beads and decorative hangings. Kudos to many of our regular knitters who have participated in making the pennants: we expect to have nearly one hundred pennants for the installation.  Rebecca, our intern, has been working her fingers off making tassels and tails, pom-poms and glitter circles to complete the look. If you are attending ArtScape, look for our pennants in the Fiesta Mexicano! installation, and please do take some photos for us!

pennantsThe other project is a golf-cart “cozy” for Jim Lucio, the Visual Arts Coordinator of ArtScape. He will be driving at the head of the Art Car parade and every inch of his cart will be covered with a custom-knit cover in bright colors with a Lucha Libre theme. Like last year’s “Porta-Potty Cozies,” this piece will be sewn onto the cart as a temporary installation and removed after the festival.

In July we’ll need help installing and removing the yarn bombings.  Leave a comment, send us an email, or stop in at the store if you want to get involved!

pile of pennants

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