Blogger #1 takes the stage

Hey lovelies! Lovelyarns is entering the 21st century and getting ourselves a blog. This is Elinor, contributor #1. You might know me from the store on weekends or Mondays, the knit-along, or from sock classes across the years.

I learned to knit three times before it stuck, but then I was out of the gate at a dead run, knitting ugly mittens and weird stuffed toys. For a while I went to a knitting group that met at a Panera on York Road, and one night in 2006 Sue came waltzing in with news of her new yarn store. I was, at the time, vainly attempting to knit one sock inside the other, and she was instantly impressed. I started teaching the toe-up sock class a few months later.

Through high school I continued to teach and work at the shop on busy days, until I up and went away to college. I got a BA in Anthropology from Haverford College in Pennsylvania, and came back to Baltimore for good in May of 2012. I had a long sock-knitting phase that saw me through 50 (not kidding) pairs of hand-knit socks, but I have moved on into an extended garter-stitch-and-lace-shawl epoch.

Currently on my needles is a Monkey Sock out of a new sock yarn by Feederbrook Farm. It’s a superwash merino/silk/nylon blend, 119g (4oz) and ~450 yards that retails at $22. It’s so smooth and shiny! I’ve worked with wool/plant fiber blends before and found them kind of slippery with not a lot of bounce, but this yarn is really nice to work with: soft and springy and yummy all around.


Other cool stuff about me: I have a second job working as an office manager for a company in Waverly that makes custom concrete countertops; I am a Charm City Roller Girl (my skater name is “Seductive Reasoning” – but don’t look for me on the track just yet because I’m just “fresh meat,” or a baby skater will no skills); I’m an aspiring novelist with a few short stories under my belt.

baby elinor teaches socks

Baby!Elinor teaches sock knitting at 846

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