My Big Fat Knitted Holiday

So, between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber week, a girl can get kinda stressed out over holiday shopping. Knitting is a great stress relieverespecially on a cold, dreary gray day. Best solution I can think of?  Knit a quick gift with a hot toddy in your other hand!  OK, I only have 2 hands and haven’t quite figured out how to knit with just one…yet. But hot cider with spiced rum sitting cozily next to me works just fine.

We got in so many super-bulky new yarns this season which knit up at 2 sts = 1″ . These bad boys are FAST. I knit up this cute cowl on ThreeRavens #17 needles in 2 hours.COWL 1

Even a beginner can do the cowl or hat in one evening. I named this pattern “Convertible Cowl” since you can button it  several different ways. It is available at the shop for free! (If you buy some yarn.) And the fabulous buttons are available upstairs at ThreeRavens Studio.

Classic Shades Bigtime, Superwool, Bear Creek Bulky are in stock (and on order since it is selling so quickly we can’t keep it on the shelves)  and will all do a project under $20.00. Cheap, easy and fast, too!

And if you want to be reassured that your valuable time hasn’t been put to waste, you can cough up a lot more money and just purchase from Anthropologie or Pendleton.  A mere $50 to $168.00 plus shipping will get you one of these:

$68 bucks from Anthropologie!


$49.50 from Anthropologie




$138 Pendleton Scarf

Ha! I say. We can whip up prettier stuff than that. And not only do we have big fat yarn, we also have the big fat needles to go with them.

Check these out:

Chris sells BIG ASS Needles

Chris sells BigAss Needles

Our own Chris from ThreeRavens Fiber Studio sells handmade BA (bigass) needles in sizes 17 all the way up to 150!  Talk about weapons of mass destruction… Take a walk upstairs and have a look at these monsters.

Big fat double-points are also available upstairs, but circulars are not yet. But I just knit this cute hat flat on 2 straight needles, and it worked just fine:

Knit flat in Superwool

Lara’s Hat from Ravelry in SuperWool

So if this isn’t enough to entice you to come pick up some fat yarn and fat needles, watch my fat self (!) on a quick Holiday Knitting segment on Fox 45 news Saturday, December 20th at 7:50 AM.

Happy Holidays!   Sue

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What’s Hot in the Shop

The hottest knit this summer has been the popular Pixelated Baby Blanket. Written by Chief Lovely, Sue Caldwell, this pattern is a simple Linen Stitch worked with just one skein each of three complementary colors creating a pixel effect.

Best of all, you don’t have to be an Advanced knitter. If you can knit and purl, you can master this pattern.

We recommend using Worsted weight cotton yarns such as Berroco Modern Cotton and Universal Yarn’s Cotton Supreme which are both Pima Cotton and HiKoo Cobasi Plus which is a wonderful blend of cotton, bamboo and silk. You can use a mix of these three yarns to increase your possible color combinations. These fibers are all easy care and machine washable.

No need for a baby blanket? This pattern and the recommended yarns are perfect for a table runner and placements. You can also easily enlarge the pattern and make a lightweight lap blanket.

Come in and take a look at our shop sample and feel the yummy softness of the fibers to find out why this has become one of our most popular Lovelyarns patterns.

If you’ve already knit this pattern, send us your photos and we’ll post them to our blog or Facebook page. We always love seeing what you Lovelies have worked up!



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Coming to the End of the Tale

It’s been over a week now and still the sock and its owner have yet to let the concerned Ravellers know if they have been reunited. A few Ravellers went to the airport and tried to locate the sock in the Lost & Found, but were unable to recover it. So, it seems this tale is over.

One Raveller shared their preferred ending to the story which, I must say, I rather like!



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The Saga of the Lost Sock Continues

Thought you might be interested in learning the latest. Ever since Britt (SpiffyB on Ravelry) started a thread on the Loose Ends Ravelry forum on Tuesday (7/22), the search for the sock owner has gone global.

© Ron Miskin, The Buffalo Wool Company

© Ron Miskin, The Buffalo Wool Company

It started when Ron Miskin (The Buffalo Wool Company) contacted Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (Yarn Harlot) to help spread the word. Well, we all know that she has thousands of loyal readers, so her Wednesday (7/23) post (which was hilarious) brought some global attention.

Since then, readers of the forum have: posted it on Facebook pages (in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, the San Diego County Spinners group, and so many others), contacted at least three local news channels (thinking that this is one of those great human interest stories), been posted to Reddit, Yahoo forums, and websites for various sock gatherings, tweeted and retweeted, and pinned to Pinterest. A UK Raveler posted it to the BBC Today website and a US Raveler posted the story to The Ellen Show’s website (Ellen DeGeneres).

Oklahoma City Ravelers have contacted the airport’s Traveler’s Aid, TSA Coordinator, and Lost & Found departments.

As one forum poster said, “I just love the lengths knitters will go to for each other!”.

So many people now have a vested interest in seeing that this mislaid sock is reunited with its owner. The search has taken on a life of it’s own.

While non-knitters might find this all a bit extreme, we kindred spirits know just how many hours are represented in that one sock. Not to mention the love and care for the recipient that was infused into it as the knitter worked on it.

I certainly hope this has a happy ending. But it nothing else, it shows how knitters take care of their own.

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The Tale of the Missing Sock

IMG_20140627_154123_862I love the Yarn Harlot. I discovered her blog a few years ago and after only a few entries I found myself going through her archives to ensure that I had read them all. She informs, motivates and, above all, is always amusing. If you’re not yet a fan, then get thee unto her blog post-haste!

I am a proud sock knitter. Socks are my knitting passion. I also happen to teach sock knitting at Lovelyarns. That being said, you’ll quickly understand why today’s Yarn Harlot post resonated so deeply.

I encourage you to share this story with non-knitters you may know…perhaps they’ll understand what makes knitters the truly wonderful, wacky people we are.


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Knitting Headlines


Here are some recent articles that focus on knitting. Enjoy!

“Reader sends 20 cents to Calgary Herald requesting 1939 knitting pattern

Man sues after knitting mishap 13 years ago

Tour de France Cambridge (UK) kitted bunting souvenirs to aid charities

Leeds protestors stage ‘knit-in’ over nuclear weapons

Might crafts such as knitting offer long-term health benefits?

Knitting and needlework: relaxing hobbies or seditious activities?


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Knit 1, Protest too

Jane Palmer of Monkton, Vt., was arrested after refusing to leave the Vermont Gas Systems headquarters in South Burlington on Wednesday. She and four other women were knitting in protest of a planned pipeline. Photo credit: Taylor Dobbs/Vermont Public Radio

Jane Palmer of Monkton, Vt., was arrested after refusing to leave the Vermont Gas Systems headquarters in South Burlington on Wednesday. She and four other women were knitting in protest of a planned pipeline.
Photo credit: Taylor Dobbs/Vermont Public Radio

Last week a “sit-n-knit” took place in Vermont. Not your typical knitter gathering, this event was in support of a protest. Five knitters refused to leave Vermont Gas’ South Burlington, VT, office until their complaints about a gas line expansion were heard.

The protesters sat in the utilities’ waiting room knitting…what would have to be a very civil approach to civil disobedience.

Five police cars were dispatched to quell this protest…yes, you read that right…five police cars for five knitters! You really have to watch out for those knitters, they can be a dangerous bunch.

You can read more here. My favorite part of the article is as follows:

“Palmer was knitting what appeared to be a turquoise scarf, and had knitted about 8 inches of it before Vermont Gas closed at 5 p.m.,” VPR’s reports.

“It is unclear if she was allowed to continue her knitting at the police station,” he adds.


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Wooly Goodness Meets Nintendo

Yoshi (c) Nintendo

(c) Nintendo

The gamers amongst us are probably familiar with Yoshi. A popular Nintendo dinosaur character, he (she? it?) has appeared in a number of Super Mario games. Soon he will have his own game called Yoshi’s Wooly World.

Here’s what I find intriguing. Someone at Nintendo must be either a yarn lover like us or is surrounded by knitters and crocheters. Why else would a game designer decide to put this character in a fibery world.

Watching the short video clip and look closely. See the items “knitted” up in stockinette?  Look at those round ball-like objects. They are definitely “crocheted”. I’m sure there are platforms made from felted wool! One video clip I found has Yoshi as an amigurumi figure.

Those game designers know their woolens. Perhaps they are knitters/crocheters themselves? I really, really want to know.


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SO MUCH NEW STUFF at the shop! OMG!

Hello Lovelies!

It’s been a long while since I posted and it has come to the point where there is SO MUCH new glorious yarn in the place I just need to share all of it with you!

First up: LOVELYARNS house yarn!  We have recently started dyeing our own gorgeous fingering and worsted weights in superwash, and they are so pretty! We call them “Delicious by Lovelyarns” because not only are they delicious to knit with,  each colorway is named after a tasty food or drink.

And we have figured out the secret of SELF-STRIPING HAND-DYED! More colorways to come: so far we have Frosted Flakes, Neapolitan, Mojito and Licorice Candy. Click to enlarge the photos to appreciate the striping!

Come taste them all!

Superwash Fingering

Superwash Fingering

Made from Delicious fingering in color "Fruit Salad"

Made from Delicious fingering in color “Fruit Salad”


Hand dyed and stripes like nobody's business!

Hand dyed and stripes like nobody’s business!

Next up: Confetti Yarn from our very own Chris upstairs at Threeravens Fiber Studio


Superwash Confetti colors!

So this girl has some mad skills!  Not only can she spin gorgeous crazy fabulous handspuns, but now we have her hand-dyes too! And only available at Lovely, of course.

And last, but not least, introducing Full Circle Artworx, a brand new dyer!

Our newest local dyer!

Dyed in the colors of BIRDS! Can you see it?

Dyed in the colors of BIRDS! Can you see it?







Her yarns are so exciting because they are dyed in asymmetrical colorways that are inspired by birds! You can see them all hanging on display at the shop! So unique and gorgeous!

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Harry Who?

Harry Styles  Photo (c) Getty Images

Harry Styles
Photo (c) Getty Images

Not sure if you noticed, but the fact that Harry Styles knits when stressed became newsworthy over the past two weeks.

I do have to admit, when this came through my Google alerts I did have to find out who he was. I learned he was a member of the boy band One Direction. If you are a teenage girl or parent of one, then I’m sure you know of whom I speak.

According to the nearly 100 news articles, he’s been knitting quite a bit lately as “it’s the only way he can unwind after hours of listening to fans screaming for 1D. The other lads tease him for it, but he doesn’t care.”

At a recent concert in Manchester (UK) a fan threw a skein of yarn at him. I remember a time when bands were pelted with room keys and panties, not skeins! Oh, how the times have changed.

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